Seven chakra Bracelet.


Seven chakra
(Gemstones to balance all the seven chakras of an individual and make him/her aligned)
Crown chakra-Enlightenment
Third eye chakra-Thought and decision making
Throat chakra-communication/Expression
Heart chakra-love and joy
Solar plexus chakra-power and self esteem
Sacral chakra-Creation/sexuality
Root chakra-Survival/security.


All gemstones/crystals are brought to us by nature and are a source of positive energy. The healing sciences have been proved all around the world yet they cannot act as a sole guarantee. They may have varying impacts on various people and situations. Thus it is always recommended one must not take it as a medical advice solely on the basis of the information one reads online. These are individual experiences of crystal practitioners.Inadvertent use of the information provided is not our responsibility.


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