Carnelian Bracelet


Healing crystal ,natural gemstone “carnelion”. A natural “Carnelian” gemstone/ crystal will always by translucent reddish brown to Orange colour. Carnelians have always protected since centuries and in Islamic regions it is considered as pious or sacred stone called as “Sulaimani Aqeeq/ Akiki”.
“Carnelian” is a stone of motivation and strength. This stone clarifies perception. It gives confidence to move towards new path of life. Carnelian is a perfect stone for people who have demanding caress. Ti will help you keep motivated and help increase your stamina.
“Carnelian” caters to the healing of base chakra/ sacral chakra. Carnelian helps in stimulating fertility and sexuality.
Deposits of carnelian are found in many parts of world like Romania, Iceland, Britain, India, peru.
The bracelet is 7 inches stretchable. The colour of Carnelian is brown and orange.


All gemstones/crystals are brought to us by nature and are a source of positive energy. The healing sciences have been proved all around the world yet they cannot act as a sole guarantee. They may have varying impacts on various people and situations. Thus it is always recommended one must not take it as a medical advice solely on the basis of the information one reads online. These are individual experiences of crystal practitioners.Inadvertent use of the information provided is not our responsibility.


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