Black Obsidian with Seven chakra Bracelet.


“Black Obsidian” has been used since the paleolithic tines when it was used in wars to make arrowheads and other tools. Obsidian is shiny/ glossy and is made from the molten lava which cools down very quickly.
This bracelet is obsidian and has a rare phenomenon of displaying rain bow effect also called as “Black Rain bow obsidian” of any light is thrown on the beads some beads will display a sheen called Rainbow.
Obsidian is a very protective stone. It dispels any sort of negativity or blockages than cone in life. It someone feels that he / she has Scatered energies, they must wear it .
Obsidian is a great protective stone. It brings harmonious balance between your spiritual self and physical world of reality.

Seven chakra
(Gemstones to balance all the seven chakras of an individual and make him/her aligned)
Crown chakra-Enlightenment
Third eye chakra-Thought and decision making
Throat chakra-communication/Expression
Heart chakra-love and joy
Solar plexus chakra-power and self esteem
Sacral chakra-Creation/sexuality
Root chakra-Survival/security.


All gemstones/crystals are brought to us by nature and are a source of positive energy. The healing sciences have been proved all around the world yet they cannot act as a sole guarantee. They may have varying impacts on various people and situations. Thus it is always recommended one must not take it as a medical advice solely on the basis of the information one reads online. These are individual experiences of crystal practitioners.Inadvertent use of the information provided is not our responsibility.


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