Amethyst with Rose quartz Bracelet.


Natural gemstone/ healing crystal amethyst for crown chakra. Good for focus, concentration, calmness and thoughts. “Amethyst” has always been a prevalent stone. But despite this, it is reversed by people all across the globe. Amethyst has come to be known as the “Luxurious stone” this stone is found in many places like Brazil, Russia, Africa,India.
The colour of natural Amethyst might very from lavender to dark violet. But all shades of Amethyst display the same healing properties.
“Amethyst” is a stone of “Crown chakra” . Thus it is a stone good for focus, concentration and intuition. For the children studying . It is a very helpful and a calming stone too.
Amethyst is one such stone which is good for meditation. It helps in “Dhyan” and also releases stress. It promotes spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom.
The bracelet is 7 inches stretchable .The colour of bracelet is lavender to dark violet.
Rose quartz
Natural healing crystal/ Gemstone “Rose quartz” by a certified gemologist itself
“Rose quartz” inspires feeling of love and friendship. Rose quartz brings harmony and balances the relationships.
Rose quartz helps one to forgive, understand the other side and also deepens the connection with the people. It helps you understand your own need for compassion.
Rose quartz is the stone of “Unconditional love” and is basically for the Heart chakra.
7 inch stretchable bracelet made out of genuine Rose quartz beads.The colour of natural rose quartz is light pink, rose , peach to violet pink.


All gemstones/crystals are brought to us by nature and are a source of positive energy. The healing sciences have been proved all around the world yet they cannot act as a sole guarantee. They may have varying impacts on various people and situations. Thus it is always recommended one must not take it as a medical advice solely on the basis of the information one reads online. These are individual experiences of crystal practitioners.Inadvertent use of the information provided is not our responsibility.


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