It is a very hard process to find a gemstone ….

From times immemorial, gemstones have been allured by many people. What has been more enthralling is how these varied gemstones display their beautiful colours, lustre ,clarity and rarity. These precious gemstones have made people explore the far reaches of the world , the remote corners for them. While some gems are comparatively easier to obtain, others are found in harsh climatic conditions.

Where do we find them?

Majority of our gemstones come from below the Earth’s surface. While some come to the surface through natural processes like faulting, volcanic eruptions or large scale uplifts. Others are brought to the surface through mining. Temperature, Heat, Pressure and Time space play an important role in any gem formation and these factors are unique for all gemstones. While Amethyst, Opal, Agates form near the Earth’s surface, Emeralds in the Hydrothermal deposits, Peridot forms under the mantle and Rubies form as magmatic gems.

From a rough to a polished gem…….

The gemstone materials that haven’t been cut or polished are referred to as Rough. The process of cutting/polishing gems is called gemcutting or lapidary and the one who does that is a gemcutter or lapidary. A lot of hard-work and a series of steps are taken to convert a rough to a polished gem.

All these steps are taken keeping in mind the quality of the stone. Every gemcutter assesses the cut, colour, clarity of the stone from the rough itself and works efficiently to give the gem its best form. Reducing the wastage of the rough is always the topmost priority thereby giving life to a gem in its most beautiful form.

At Desh Maheshwari

Hundreds of people form a part of our team to bring forward to you such beautiful gems. Our team works diligently from procuring the gemstone roughs from all around the globe to further processing, cutting, polishing and bringing to you the finished gems.

The work involves a lot of hard work and efforts. Finding gemstones in the most unfavourable climatic conditions, bringing to the place and finally shaping them. It takes months of labour to convert them into beautiful unique masterpieces.

At the store we have full-time karigars (craftsmen) who work zealously towards beading your favourite pieces of jewellery. We often witness people coming to us for crafting their beautiful gemstone strands.

Jewellery designers, fashion designers and many re-sellers work with us to provide to the world the most authentic natural gemstone jewellery. While a lot many reiki healers, tarot readers, hypnotherapists procure their healing stones from us to recommend further.

Giving back to our society

Our work involves a lot many artisans, craftsmen who have this as their primary source of livelihood. Cutting, shaping, finishing these beautiful gems are all taken care by them. We do provide them assistance and trainings regarding the emerging trends and technologies to be used. This helps us in generating employment in remote areas and thus contributing back to our society.

“All they need is your smile while you appreciate their workmanship”

Always in awe of what nature gifts us as beautiful gemstones. The gemstones are a source of a lot of positive vibrations and beautiful energies. Gemstones are what royals have been passing it to their generations since millennials.With supporting these pristine gems, we support the livelihoods of many labors working to bring the best for you.