How are they formed

Majority of the beautiful gems you see- once started off as a rock. Some above the surface, some on/near the surface while some way under the surface. Changes in the temperature along with the heat, wind, water lead these bigger rocks to wear out, compress and form as gem rocks. Usually called as Raw stones/ mines because they come to us from the process of extraction or mining.
While some take a few years to form, meanwhile some of our earth’s treasures take millions of year to form. It is a great chance that the rocks you are holding might have taken millions of years to form.

Cutting, Shaping & Polishing

While some segment of people absolutely love them as raw pieces of gems. They admire them in their most natural state and the healing powers they possess.
There is also a different segment of our extended family who would love to have them partially polished, shaped or as a completely finished gem specimen.
Thus our next processes make sure that our raw gems are cut precisely and polished by progressive abrasions. There are various tools and machineries used. However the whole process till-date works on hand using various tools and using finer grits of hard substances to shape them well.
This would mean cutting them, making a proper structure and then polishing them to finesse.

Shaped and polished

Shaping and polishing could mean a lot of forms when it comes to gems. We could make a giant gemstone sphere/ball to beautiful figurines to very fine small beads to be used in jewellery.
The shapes and the respective sizes are usually determined by us and our collective craftsmen. The size, weight, length, width usually depends on the size of rock we possess of a particular stone.
Our processes focus on minimal wastage and losses and hence its always our endeavour to bring out the best piece possible within the portion of the rock available. Thus, we help to minimise the wastage contribution to our environment while at the same time bring you our gem delight.

Beads, Jewellery & Finesse

The process of shaping also gives us small fine beads through which we make our beautiful beaded jewellery. This again is a complete handwork and each of our jewellery pieces take time, efforts and lots of good feelings to make it for you.
From a single strand to multiple layered strands to beautiful finished sterling silver gemstone jewellery- we do it all for you !!!!!

Handcrafted to Perfection

At Desh Maheshwari, we take pride that our whole process from procurement as a raw gem till making it a finished gemstone piece or article- completely remains handmade.
When you are being a part of us, you are also contributing to a larger masses of artisans and karigars who are there for us every day and night to deliver the best to you.
When you are being a part of us, you are also appreciating the beauties of nature and how these natural formations in gems remain best to their perfections.
Thus our whole process is all possible because of all of your love !!!!!