Time stays never the same………

Father losing all their rich legacy to gambling , brought their whole families to tough times in Hapur.Mr Desh (Founder) as a young 3 year old boy would often watch his mother bead small necklaces for jewelers to earn a living. Watching his mother’s toil, he would often sit beside her and help her in beading so that they could earn their bread and butter

Journey of struggles

Their quest for knowledge and education brought them to the city of Lucknow to try their luck. Fundingeducation for eight brothers was becoming difficult for a single lady. Mr. Desh started looking out for opportunities to help fund their education and make a bright future ahead. He would visit every jeweller and bead necklaces for them in lieu of money. While days were spent studying, nights were spent beading.

“I never missed out any opportunity or any person who came my way. If I was given a chance, I devoted myself towards work no matter how big or small it was.”

Overcoming adversities & learning Trade

Destiny took them to Mumbai, where he proved to be an exemplary actor for many films. However there have been dark times to the initial struggles of this busy city. The initial “Uncertain acting career” taught him the “Intricacies of the business” to earn his living. Mumbai taught him to survive and thrive. He left no stones unturned and learned the silk trade. He would zealously sell pure silk sarees to ladies and became a much sought after silk saree dealer.

“Silk saree business during my struggling acting scenario taught me the intricacies of a business and trust and honesty is important in your work!”

Spiritual Touch

All through these times of adversities and tough challenges, he noticed, he was very spiritually inclined. He admits he always got pulled towards Masjids, Dargah’s and temples. Many a times, he would be blessed with Aqeeq / Hakik – the spiritual stone by saints and priests . That is when he decided to embark his beautiful journey of stones and healing powers of these stones.

Ahead in time……

With 4000 rupees in hand he landed in Delhi with his wife. With this money, he gathered all the raw materials and with whatever they could they made and remade necklaces day and night. Life turned when the exhibition by D.S.I.I.D.C.(Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.) turned out to be a great hit. This gem of gemstones became the “Apple of an eye” for all the big organisers of that time.

“That zeal to do something big in life brought to be one of the sought after persons to make the exhibitions a hit.”

Realizing his dream…..

The government of Orissa witnessed the same passion and commitment from him and his team in his long period of 20 years. He served the esteemed “Orissa Emporium” at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught place and was a much sought after gemstone jewellery store by diplomats, embassies and foreigners. He would never miss an opportunity to educate and aware his customers about the variety of natural gemstones and how they benefited.

“Always striving to provide the mostbeautiful, natural and authentic gemstones.”


Today we see “Desh Maheshwari” as a very well established brand trusted by many. We can see him and his team running successful showrooms in Sab Mall, first floor, Noida. The stores with gems and healing stones set the full ambience apart and draws the attraction of many people. A lot many crystal healers, reiki healers, spiritual guides and practitioners visit to explore the vast array of gems and crystals the stores possess.It has become a great hub for many jewellery designers and resellers to work with the gem beauties of nature. Majority of The people visiting their families in India make sure they take back beautiful crystal jewellery and positivity with them.

Desh ji, also describes , the healing sciences and how he is the ardent believer of it.

“To feel it, you have to believe it.”

The stones from the mother nature do work and all we need is a faith towards it.