Frequently Asked Questions

Our stores are located as follows
Desh Maheshwari
First floor
Sab mall
Sector-27, Noida

Our stores are open on all days (Except Tuesdays) from 10am – 8pm
If you wish to get any guidance or talk personally to any of the persons at the store, it is always advisable that you book an appointment or contact them for the availability of the time slot and the concerned person.

We have retail customers visiting us daily and many a times due to hectic schedules, the person might not be able to devote the time fully. Hence for any guidance or consultation, we encourage you to call us once and confirm.
Yes we mostly do, however it depends from situation to situations. Many a times, people bring in their pendants or jewellery to pair them up with our gemstone strands. We do them. Also if you wish to redesign or arrange/add more beads we do them.
However since its custom made and requires time, It is advisable you call the concerned person before coming. We could advise you for the availability and the time it will take.
For all the gemstone strands or any beaded jewellery bought from us, we definitely do repairs. Repairs are only restricted to the items purchased from us. We do not repair any items purchased elsewhere.

For any other gemstone items like balls, turtles etc, if broken , we cannot mend them.
All gemstones are different and come from different parts of the world. The pricing of gemstones are generally done on many quality parameters such as cut, colour, clarity and carat/weight of the gemstones. Each gemstone could have various qualities thus the variations occur.
We make sure we make available all gemstones and healing crystals for all price ranges. This is the reason, we have a wide variety of stones and various prices to fit all needs from basic to premium luxury quality.
Yes, we ship our products both domestically and internationally. Depending upon the quantity and weight of the products do we calculate the shipping costs, which are further conveyed to you in this regards.
Anywhere in India (Domestic) generally takes 3-5 business days.
Internationally would vary from 4 days to 10days. All depending on the size of the consignment shipped and the service preferred by the customer.
Yes, we do have different shipping services. It is always appreciated to convey us if you require a faster shipping.
Ofcourse yes, we provide a tracking number after the products have been shipped.
Please do not spray any chemical, deodrants, perfumes etc directly on the gemstones. Some gemstones are really fragile and such chemicals may harm their lustre, sheen or even the skin (surface) of the stone.
It is always advised that you open the clasp and then wear the beaded jewellery. Excessive pulling off the elastic or the thread may lead to its breakage. Continous usage in water (eg wearing while bathing) may cause the thread to become weak. It is always better you remove them that time.
Raw gemstones/crystals can be cleaned with any light oil. It cleans off the dust and also brings in the shine of the gemstone.
When you have a lot of gemstone strands together. Some stones might rub against each other and damage the gem. Kindly keep them in between cloth or wrapping paper/pouch.
Definitely you can keep them in it. However we have different packing cases for different products. So, just in case, you have a velvet case kindly see the gemstones are not in direct contact with it. It is always advisable that you wrap them up in a cotton cloth and then keep them in the case. Velvets are sometimes not apt for gemstones like Pearls, Malachite, Lapis lazuli etc.
You are not the only one with this. You must keep alternating your jewellery each day and give the time for the sweat to dry out from the gemstone. Better option is to clean them with a dry cloth. This will maintain its shine, color and quality.
Natural gemstones are completely natural. You purchased a gemstone/healing crystal since it chose you. Crystals always choose you. The best you can do to charge your stones or make them work efficiently is to keep washing them once in every 10-15 days. Keeping them in sunlight will re-energize them.
When any gemstone/healing crystal breaks in pieces, it is advisable you bury them under the ground. It absorbs all your negativity and hence should not be used further. Sometimes these crystals/gems even vanish from your area.
It is always said and advised that the crystals must be used, washed, meditated and touched by the person for whom it is taken or the keeper of these crystals/gems. Many people touching the same gem would disturb the energy/aura of the gemstone.
Ofcourse yes, we provide a tracking number after the products have been shipped.
No, our product line does not guarantee you returns. However, we take returns, only in the case when our product was defective/broken since the beginning. We look into the issue and accept returns. Products once approved and bought cannot be returned.
Many a times people gift gemstone jewellery from us on various occasions to people. The gifted item may or may not be as per the person’s preferences. We do give them an opportunity to get the purchase exchanged.
However exchanges are only acceptable within 15 days of purchase.
No returns / No exchanges after 15 days of purchase.
Yes, majority of our customers are crystal healers, reiki healing, therapists, spiritual guides and yogis. Many other customers do their own gemstone businesses in India as well as abroad. We definitely sell in bulk and at wholesale prices.
We encourage people to start working their own. Yes, surely, we guide each and every reseller of ours on how to go about healing crystals and gemstone jewellery. We also educate you about various gemstones and their healing properties. All you need is passion and devotion towards your work.
Desh Maheshwari is a registered brand. Using their name of the brand requires prior documented approvals. Failing which, might invite the legal charges to you. Only if the brand authorizes you, should you mention their name.
Desh Maheshwari respects your privacy and we take care to safeguard your information in our possession. Your preferences for use of your information is our utmost priority. We do not share our customer database (contact no., email address, address) to any third-parties and only keep them to keep on records to keep you updated with latest information about us and also to assist you with your orders.