Mr Desh Maheshwari

The skill of an actor and the soul of a spiritual guru has combined to create such a great human as mr. desh maheshwari is.

Years of struggles, hardships and innumerable sweet-bitter experiences have taught him how precious time is and how you must never let it slip away. Today, he goes beyond in helping people and guiding them for their future recourse.

Acting world

His acting career started as a tender aged 13year old boy who landed in Mumbai alone to face the harsh world ahead. With the support of his eldest brother he managed to train under Mr. Luthra’s the then ” Career Film & Television Institute of India-Pune “. He was fortunate enough to train under Experiential actors and trainers of the time Mr. Asrani, Manju Bansal, Asha Chandra and Sunil Bhatnagar who hold training biggest actors of the Film Industry.

This is when , with time, we saw this young boy pave paths and create his own identity in the city of millions. His efforts have always been impeccable and his exemplary work is the biggest sign of it.

Movies Director

  • Badla (Vijay Kumar)
  • Jeena Yahan (Basu Chatterjee)
  • Sharad Sandhya (MT Vasudevan Nair)
  • Jayen To Jayen Kahan (Anil Kumar)
  • Jyoti Kalash (B.K. Adarsh)
  • Jagruti (Rajendra Bhatia)
  • Do Musafir (Devendra Goyal)
  • Apradhi (Jugal Kishore)
  • Lahoo Pukarega (Akhtar Ul Iman)
  • Haath Ki Safai (Prakash mehra)
  • Khoon Pasina (Rakesh Kumar)
  • Aadmi Sadak Ka (Devendra Goyal)
  • Dewaangee (Samir Ganguly)
  • Sara Jahan (Basu Chatterjee)
  • Chacha Bhatija (Manmohan Desai)

We must have seen him playing the rolein “Khoon Pasina” or alongside Shabana Azmi in the movie “Jeena Yahan” by Basu Chatterjee.The cycle of life brought him to be one of the successful child artists of the Bombay film industry in 1973. His never say no attitude towards whatever work you get, got him many movies and work with the then leading actors of the industry. His journey started with “Badla” as his first movie in 1973 where he played the child role of Shatrughan Sinha.”Sharad Sandhya” by very best awarded director MT. Vasudevan Nair where he played the role of “Buddhu” was inspired from a bestseller novel “The Mist”.

Real-Life scenarios

“Getting work during initial phases was never easy. From dialogue- delivery to giving auditions and coming out as selected amongst thousands was never cakewalk. Maintaing yourself all the time and giving in your best always requires continuous efforts.” “I never missed out any opportunity or any person. If I was given a chance I devoted myself to work no matter how big or small it had been. There was a time when I continually knocked the doors of the director Basu chatterjee for six long years and it definitely reaped results one day.”

Desh Maheshwari today

From being an active young boy in front of the camera to being an active businessman at the back of the counter- Life has been an ocean full of experiences and learnings. Destiny opened his hands and drew him to the world of gems and crystals. His inner conscience and intuitive thinkings have helped people a lot and made them aware about the power of the healing stones.
His stores resonate uniqueness. Each and every gem out here are natural and special. The store speaks for itself about how the heart and soul has been poured into it. And definitely this is the store that brings together beautiful hearts from around the globe and thrives to bring positivity into their lives.

“They are not our customers- They are our Family”