Desh Maheshwari is one of the pioneering organization with is destined towards Manufacturing and provision of vast array of items from mining to finished items in gemstones Jewellery, Healing Stones, Silver Jewellery, Rocks and Minerals. We take great pride in serving Healers, Reiki master, Pranic healers, hypnotherapists, Crystal Healers, Spiritual guide, Angel therapists, Consultants, vaastu professionals, regression therapists, chakra healers, quantum healers and more by provision on all types of tools necessary

Blessed are those who visit this mind-blowing,peaceful adobe of crystals and blessed souls can only .

—  Ms. Seema Nair

The extensive collection alongwith the warm staff makes this place a pleasure to visit often. It has.

—  Ms. Meena Jain

Love the fabulous gems and unique pieces , both beautiful and affordable. They have a lot of knowled.

—  Ms. Dipti

Everytime I am at the store I feel energized. They have a huge variety of beads, designs and colors .

—  Rinku Antony

Healing Stones